‘Miss Nepal North America 2018’ Will Kick Off In August

OSNepal, Kathmandu, 21st May: With the beautiful slogan “Empowering Nepalese women to empower next generation”, Nepalese on North are organizing the ‘Miss Nepal North America’ on August 11, 2018. It is an international pageant and a global platform for the Nepalese women of tomorrow. For the first time ever, a Nepali Pageant has encompassed the entire continent of North America.  The competition aims to equip the women of tomorrow with the skill set needed to succeed in this ever-changing and challenging environment.

The organizers say “We hire the best of the best mentors, leadership coaches, beauty coaches, choreographers, and bring in successful personalities from the industry to shape you to succeed in your future field of choice”. “During the pageant, we want to highlight the issue of women empowerment and gender inequality, as inequality has been the root of evil in all cultures. Especially, in developing countries, gender inequality is proliferating compared to the developed countries. Miss Nepal North America will dedicate its resources to advocate for those who do not have the means to”.