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CJ Rana assigns hearing on cases today

CJ Rana assigns hearing on cases today

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CJ Rana assigns hearing on cases today
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Kathmandu, Nov 15 -Chief Justice Cholendra Shumsher JB Rana has assigned hearing on all types of cases including the habeas corpus ones today. Out of hearing assigned to 10 benches (eight division benches and two single benches), he will handle one under full single bench. However, hearing has not started. The Supreme Court judges have been refusing to conduct the hearing since October 24, calling for Chief Justice Rana’s resignation after allegations that he sought a share in the expansion of the Council of Ministers and this has raised a question on the dignity of the judiciary.

Hearing into cases has not taken place in the Supreme Court from October 25. Hearing has been held only on cases related to habeas corpus in between. CJ Rana has argued that he has become the Chief Justice as per the due process of the constitution and the laws, and is capable of and has been fulfilling his responsibility accordingly. He has also urged the other justices to fulfill their responsibilities as per the constitution and the laws. Hearing into cases has been stalled in the apex court resulting in inconvenience for service-seekers.(RSS)

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