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Disabled Dad & Daughter

Disabled Dad & Daughter

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Disabled Dad & Daughter
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“3 D” By Saroj Joshi

My eyes fill with tears as day passes by near by her

My heartfelt pain will grow every single sleepless night
as , I see her mental limit disabilities to cope normal activities

I am desperate & want to find the solutions for her & disabled kids like her but in vain even decades & decades of work & dedications.

Neither, I can help nor I, can cry, when I find myself in this special journey of my destiny , which moves it’s own.

I do not want to blame anyone, I do not want to say anything about it, But
when , I see civilizations, humanities & world , I feel we are so imperfect & so narrow lot need to be done in the world of disabilities for sure.

Love an unconditional love is there but still it has conditional limits life has to go on with circumstances, which, I hate & no doubts.

I want to put bet of my life to help her & kids like her unfortunately materialistic world has tremendous pressure on Dad like me & limit what it can be done ?

Even then subjectively, I want to go beyond limits & help her & kids like her however objectively only so little, I can do to overcome those limits.

Regardless, I will be finding constantly way out to give her extraordinary unconditional love to cope with her disabilities still I feel not enough my tears & pains are witnessing & telling more need to be done, more need to done & more need to be done.

Note: Technically disabled kids parents will be disabled too as they won’t be able to be functional without taking care disabled kids that put them automatically in the status of disfunctional!!!
Reviewer: Jiban Bajracharya

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