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Health workers in Kanchanpur yet to get risk allowance

LC (KTM) January 21, 2022 0

The frontline health workers in Kanchanpur district who worked during the second wave of COVID-19 have not received risk allowance yet.
Now that the third wave is looming, the frontline health workers shared that they only received two months’ risk allowances in the second wave.

Gopaldutta Panta, Auxiliary Health Worker at Mahakali Provincial Hospital at Mahendranagar shared that they were supposed to receive risk allowance of two more months. According to him, the government had provided four months’ risk allowances to them in the first wave while they are yet to receive allowance for two months.

Health Office, Kanchanpur’s contact person Siddharaj Bhatta admitted that the health workers here were yet to receive the risk allowance for two months. The uncertainty and confusion in the risk allowance on the part of government have discouraged the health workers risking their lives to treat the COVID-19 infected and suspected people.
The government in the last fiscal year had decided to provide 50 per cent additional amount as a risk allowance.

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