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Construction of embankment in Narayani River started

LC (KTM) January 27, 2022 0

Construction of embankment has been started in the Narayani River here. The embankment construction project is worth Rs 4 billion 720 million. The tender for the first section of the project has already been announced while that for the remaining four sections would be called within the next two weeks, Director General of the Department of Irrigation, Sushil Chandra Acharya, said. Acharya informed that the first section of the project is 5.67 kilometres and falls within Ward No 26 and 27 of Bharatpur Metropolitan City.

Chief of the Narayani River Embankment Management Project, Rabindra Kumar Thapa said the tender would be published in 10 to 12 days for the construction of all sections of the project. The tender notice for construction of the embankment at Sisai area has been published first. He said works on the construction of the embankment have been started to prevent flooding from the Narayani River in Sisai area in the upcoming monsoon.Senior Divisional Engineer of the Project, Shivaji Sah said the embankment is being constructed by using big and small stones, wire mesh and concrete blocks. The embankment will be 3 to 4.5 metres high.

Metropolis mayor Renu Dahal said works on construction of the embankment would be carried out through the multi-year contract as the budget for it has been ensured from the Ministry of Finance.A master plan has been prepared for river training and the embankment project. The Department of Irrigation has approved it and forwarded it to the Ministry of Finance.The proposed cost for construction of the embankment towards Chitwan and Nawalparasi sides is Rs 23 billion 584 million 300 thousand.

The Narayani River has been causing floods every monsoon season in Bharatpur metropolis towards Chitwan and in Gaindakot, Devchuli, Kawasoti and Madhyabindu municipalities and Binaya Triveni rural municipality towards Nawalparasi.Embankment and spurs would be constructed on 35 kilometres stretch towards Chitwan side and along 57 kilometres stretch towards Nawalparasi. The proposed cost of the project is Rs 9.55 billion for Chitwan and Rs 14.43 billion for Nawalparasi side.So far 15 kilometres embankment has been constructed towards Chitwan side and 11 kilometres towards Nawalparasi side.

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