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What’s the secret behind the high productivity?

Osnepal September 28, 2022 0

Saroj K joshi

Why we will see differences in productivities / Time Line of personals although we put the right people with the same level of the skills on the same job? One will be faster & better ! Here are the reasons behind:

Speaking from my experiences if you go with conventional approach you will achieve but will be slow!

Everyone is unique use freedom, system / style, methodologies that fits in your personality ..you will see big differences that shall include flexibilities robust system once again freedom then you will see miracles after miracles ! Do not hold on people rather give them freedom letting them know that you need their talents rather than just physically present them in front of you 8-5?

Note: I relember word of One of VP of the firm …once I was employed!
VP: asked me Why you are here?… I know you do not have project assigned yet? Go home!
……What ?
VP: I hired you for your talents not for the physical presence from 8-5. Then gave me the key of the office & told :“You can work & leave at any time our goal is to meet deadlines & be productive per our criteria”.

Honestly that freedom & vision of VP was unique never had happen in my life like that before and that definitely changed my vision ! That particular incident made me more productive than ever with my own methodology both as employee & owner !

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