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NHRC seeks no protection to those responsible for caste-based discrimination

NHRC seeks no protection to those responsible for caste-based discrimination

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    Kathmandu, June 30 – The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has called for no-protection of the people responsible for any incidence of the caste-based discrimination and untouchability. The rights body has urged the government to take the incidence of caste-based discrimination and untouchability in a sensitive way, to bring the perpetrator(s) under the ambit of law through impartial and effective handling, and to protect the victim’s rights to justice, dignity and equality.

    The NHRC has urged one and all to exercise restraint and maintain social harmony while putting one’s views on social media. As it said, it has taken the complaint (it received) that journalist Rupa Sunar faced the caste-based in course of searching for a room seriously and is closely monitoring the investigation by the police and law enforcement agencies.NHRC today held discussion with Minister Krishna Gopal Shrestha regarding the issue of taking the accused of inhumane and sensitive incident like racial discrimination from the police office to her home in his vehicle.

    Minister Shrestha said that he felt that he might had not gone there on a government vehicle bearing a flag, adding that he would be aware that such type of incidents might not occur in future. Nepal has been expressing commitment in international forum for the elimination of racial discrimination. The Constitution of Nepal, racial and other social untouchability and discrimination (Crime and Punishment) Act 2068 and Civil Code-2074 have made provision of punishment considering caste-based discrimination as legal offence.

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