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Manma faces shortage of drinking water

LC (KTM) November 28, 2022 0

District headquarters of Kalikot, Manma, has faced acute shortage of drinking water. The people here have blamed the municipality that it failed to pay heed to this problem.The shortage of drinking water has especially hit hard the hoteliers at bazaar area of the district headquarters. A local Dhan Bahadur Batala argued the distribution of drinking water was unjust. The people’s representatives were indifferent to this problem, he added.

“Only bigwigs have privileges on drinking water supply. The water does not run on commoners’ tap but the bigwigs’ taps are running water round the clock,” he worried, adding why no office or person in public office has paid attention to this problem.

Those who have easy access to resources have installed direct pipe from tank to their homes, but the commoners suffer water shortage, the locals argued, adding it must be ended and drinking water should be supplied to all people equally.

Chakra Bahadur Bam, a hotelier in Khadachakra Municipality, said, “There is no water running from the tap at home. So, it is one hour’s trek to fetch water. We need to stand in line for long to get turn to fill the water pots.”

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