Horoscope For This Month: Mangshir 2074 BS

OSNepal, Kathmandu, 17th Nov: On the 1st of this month, Venus enters Sagittarius, and will remain here until the 25th. This is a powerful and intense alignment! Freedom loving Sagittarius thrives on adventure, passion, and independence in their relationships. Venus, the planet of love and relationships, influences all of us in quite extreme ways this month. On one hand, this alignment makes us want to go heart first into relationships, as we are impatient under the influence of Sagittarius. All signs may feel more passionate towards their partner or loved ones, and will want a deeper emotional connection, while also seeking freedom within these relationships. People may also make new friends during this time, as Sagittarius loves to collect those from all walks of life. All signs will get a libido boost, thanks to fiery Sagittarius, and the sex department will be in full swing this month!