Guru Brahmrishi Sri Gurudev in Sydney


“A little faith will take you to Heaven, Full faith will bring heaven to you”.

Brahmrishi Sri Gurudev is scheduled to be in Sydney on December 8 @ 19:3022:00 AEDT at Three Ram Krishna Temple, Liverpool and on December 10 @ 10:00 AEDT onwards at Sai Temple, Regents Park. Both the events are Free ENTRY events where Free tea/coffee along with healthy vegetarian lunch will be provided!

Brahmrishi Sri Gurudev is an enlightened spiritual master. With over 45 years of intense spiritual practice, he has invoked all Chakras, awakened the Kundalini and acquired Higher Divine Powers. He is bestowing Divine Grace, Guidance & Teachings to remove the sufferings of people and uplift the mankind worldwide.

His mission is to guide us to liberation while we continue to fulfil our worldly duties. We invite you to attend the upcoming event where Gurudev will give his personal blessings to everyone present.

The calm and tranquility that you’ll feel, from his presence and blessings, will be a blissful experience. For many of us, Gurudev’s blessings have been a life-altering event.