Ranbir Kapoor Saves The Fans From His Father Rishi Kapoor’s Anger !

OSNepal, Kathmandu, 12th Jan: Rishi Kapoor is known for his no-holds-barred attitude and losing his cool at the drop of a hat. He has done so with the media on several occasions. We also keep reading the veteran actor’s occasional outbursts on Twitter. Perhaps that’ why when the actor lost his cool at a fan recently, it didn’t take us by surprise at all. Yesterday, pics of the actor out on a dinner outing with the family had been doing the rounds on social media. Everyone seemed to be smiling and posing for the shutterbugs. On seeing the pics, one would say that the Kapoors had a great time, but reports indicate that the dinner didn’t end quite well, courtesy Sr Kapoor’s anger issues.

As per reports, one of Rishi Kapoor’s fans or should we say a fan of his movies, was dining at the same oriental restaurant that the Kapoor family had been to. Having spotted them, the fan got excited and walked up to them to request for a selfie. While Ranbir Kapoor and Neetu Singh were happy to oblige, she missed a picture with Rishi. Just when the Kapoors were leaving the restaurant after dinner, the fan rushed to the senior actor requesting him for a picture together, when he blatantly refused.