The Obama Foundation, the White House & Nepalese youth

Bhim Bahadur B.K. (PDRC International Development Director)

I Joined with Young Professionals of the Americas (YPA), Princeton in Latin America (PiLA), and the Young Professionals in Foreign Policy New York (YPFP NY) for a networking happy hour and a conversation with Bernadette Meehan, executive director at the Obama Foundation.

I Learn about the Foundation’s work to empower young civic leaders, as well as Meehan’s time at the White House and her advice for young professionals. The conversation was moderated by YPA’s executive director, Alana Tummino.

It was really a great opportunity for me to share the current situation of youth of South Asia as a whole and Nepalese youth as a specific in the meeting. It is a great learning for me the way to empower young civic leaders and professionals in the country.

Thank you YPA team for organizing and allocating 5 minutes time for me to share with Bernadette and Andy of YPFP separately.

Why PDRC International is established ? 

PDRC International is established to support specifically Dalit student’s higher education, leadership development, exchange program and shorlship for needy and talented student in national and international level.

We want to see our people not only government but other international agencies nationally and internationally that can ultimately contribute in a just and equitable society where people can live with dignity.

Regarding the membership concept, ‘ we want our members in long run however it would be a great if we can make based on “Yearly Membership Plan from Blue to Diamond. One time people can take part in this mission if they are interested.’