Almost Every Person Of This Village Has Single Kidney !

OSNepal, Kathmandu, 11th April: A mother has told how she sold a kidney to buy her family a house – only for it to be destroyed in the Nepal earthquake.Geeta lives in Hokse, Nepal – nicknamed ‘Kidney Village’ – because almost all of the people living there have sold their kidneys to organ traffickers.Convinced to sell one of her vital organs for just £1,300 by her sister-in-law, Geeta, 37, travelled to India have the kidney removed.She spent some of money on buying a plot of land in Hokse – 12 miles east of Kathmandu – and used the rest to build a stone house.But the mother-of-four is homeless after the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake reduced it to rubble.

Now Geeta and her young children are living in a shack crudely erected with the use of food bags and tarpaulin for walls and a rook made with sheets of corrugated iron.Her dream of owning a home in ruins, she said: ‘My sister-in-law talked me into selling my kidney and said that my body only needed one. My sister stole my kidney and the earthquake stole my house.’ But Geeta is not alone. Most of the adult men and women living in Hokse have been tempted to cash in and sell one of their healthy kidneys to so-called ‘organ brokers’ in Nepal.