A Man With Passion Anil Pandey Who Reached Atop Of Success

OSNepal, Kathmandu, 23rd May: Fear is sewn into the fabric of our lives and has a way of impairing our judgment. Many people are dominated by what they stand to lose instead of what they can gain. From an early age, we fear the unknown and what is likely to impose on our wellbeing. However, it begs the question whether fear is a self-inflicted prison or something real? There are few people who never abandoned their will to do something and finally, they achieve it too. Anil Pandey is such name who reached atop of progress by all his hard works and passion.

He has multiple identities. For example, he is a  journo, a social activist, and an actor. He has started his career in entertainment by performing stage shows and dramas as early as in 1975 where he was the schoolboy. And then he adds the stones to make the wall of success one by one in his career. He is the founder of Motherland Nepal in the USA. For the sake of the social activities he has hosted many events through the ‘Motherland Nepal’.

Many people appreciate the constructive initiative undertaken by the Motherland Nepal to promote and inspire people who have distinguished themselves in public life by their creative talents and works.