Watch An Interview With Anil Pandey

OSNepal, Kathmandu, 26th May: Anil Pandey is such name who reached atop of progress by all his hard works and passion. He has multiple identities. For example, he is a journo, a social activist, and an actor. He has started his career in entertainment by performing stage shows and dramas as early as in 1975 where he was the schoolboy. And then he adds the stones to make the wall of success one by one in his career. He is the founder of Motherland Nepal in the USA. For the sake of the social activities he has hosted many events through the ‘Motherland Nepal’.

Watch this exclusive interview with Anil Pandey who is the producer of Nepali movie ‘Chi Musi Chi’. The movie has been directed by Dinesh Shrestha. The movie contains three songs with the lyrics of Suraj Adhikari and Regan Chhetri. Astha Maharjan directed the conflict for the movie in which Sunil Chhetri, Alisha Sharma, Sushant Karki, Kamali Baiba, Rashmi Bhatta, Shashank Bashyal and Shekhar Subedi are starring. Shiva Raj Karki is the executive producer of the movie. The movie has been produced by Arun Kumar Gurung, Subhash Bhurtel and Dub Bahadur Gurung.