Current Openings at OS Nepal Inc.

EMPLOYER:  OS Nepal, Inc.


POSITION DUTIES: OS Nepal Inc. has an opening for an Editor. The role will plan, coordinate, and edit content for publication on our news portal (“Health, Medical Science and Innovation” section) that incorporates not only breaking Nepali news stories, but also major news flashes across the world in almost real time. The duties include reviewing proposals and drafts for possible publication; verifying facts, dates, and statistics; reading, evaluating, and editing materials for publication. The editor will join a cross-functional team, and focus on the areas of medical science and covers the domain of microbiology, Immunology, virology and molecular biology.

Requirements:Employer will accept a Doctorate degree (PhD) in Medical Science, or a closely-related field of concentration and one year of work experience in medical or research position.

Experience and skills to include:

  • Understanding of Medical/Scientific research and familiarity with the structure and style of scientific articles.
  • Feedback on logical progression of scientific ideas/arguments.
  • Experience in R and Python for genomic data science and in algorithm for DNA sequencing with the ability to understand and analyze the genomic data.
  • Genomic data analysis tools and database such as Galaxy Platform, NCBI, and UCSC Genome Browser.
  • Knowledge of Medical Terminology, HIPAA, Medical Ethics and OSHA.

Employer will accept any suitable combination of education, training and experience.

JOB LOCATION:  3124 Carlson Blvd Unit D El Cerrito, CA, 94530

WHERE TO APPLY:  attn. Kesh Karki 3124 Carlson Blvd Unit D El Cerrito, CA, 94530