“Information on Government and PM’s activities to be disseminated in transparent way”

Information on the government and the Prime Minister’s activities would be disseminated in a transparent manner, said Surya Thapa, Press Advisor to the Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli.
Speaking in a press meet organized at the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers here today, he said he would make the best possible efforts to reach the Prime Minister’s works to the people in a transparent manner. Thapa assumed his official responsibilities from today.

On the occasion, the PM’s Press Advisor vowed to maintain coordination with the media persons at any time and that he would not hide any information eligible for dissemination.
“I will not allow any lacking in bringing out the topics related to the Prime Minister.

I will make maximum efforts through the media persons in reaching the works of the Prime Minister and the government to the people,” he said, adding that he would do so by means of press release.

Reiterating that his emphasis would be on maintaining transparency in information dissemination, Thapa said several sensitive issues related to the Prime Minister and the government’s responsibility would however be resolved in consultation with the media persons. He also expressed his dismay, saying there is the problem of exaggerated and wrong news in the media at present. The PM’s press advisor stressed the need of discouraging such a practice.

Seeking cooperation from the media as well to the government formed through periodic election, he urged the media to praise the government when it carries out good job and also warn it when it carries out wrong works.

Thapa said the good works carried out by the government have not been well-disseminated to the public and hence the activities of all the ministries would be disseminated in an integrated manner.

In the press meet, media persons had urged him to make information related to the Prime Minister and the government’s activities easily available to the media.The Council of Ministers appointed Thapa the Press Advisor to the Prime Minister last Friday. He has been given facilities given to the Minister of State. Thapa had also served as the Press Advisor to then Prime Minister Jhalanath Khanal.

He is also the central member of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) and deputy chief of its Publicity Department. Thapa is the former central member of the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ), the umbrella organization of journalists throughout the country, as well as the editor of the Nawayug and Budhabaar weeklies.