DPM Pokhrel urges UAE investors to invest in Nepal

Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ishwor Pokhrel has said Nepal is appropriate place for investment. Investment can be made in hydropower, agriculture, tourism, service and industrial sector, he said before the UAE investors.

At a meeting with the industrialists and entrepreneurs in Dubai on Monday, DPM Pokhrel reiterated that Nepal has no problems relating to investment. The foreign industrialists can invest in any sector they like and take benefit, he said, adding that Nepal is geographically in proper place for marketing because its immediate neighbours India and China are huge markets.

Favourable legal atmosphere is another important development for investment, according to him. The DPM further assured the UAE investors that even the facility of special economic zone was ensured in Nepal.
DPM Pokhrel shared the information that 250 thousands Nepalis were contributing to the economies of Nepal and UAE. Nepal and UAE had established diplomatic relations in 1977.