How Nepal can be saved from the disaster from covid-19 crisis ?

How Nepal can be saved from the disaster from covid-19 crisis ? These 6 steps can save still it’s not too late !!!

Money & Discipline is the only answers we all know that , I have predicted necessity of 500 ventilators & ICU bed with negative pressure minimum that time also warned as its only timing and her delay Nepal and Neighboring countries can not be exempted from Covid-19 either . I also gave estimate on of 10 Arabs Nepalese Rs Appx $100 Million on March 2020. That time we are desperate for preparations for tests, contact tracings, PPE and support system. Government got appx 2.9 Arab Rs appx $29 Million from world bank and rest 6.5 Arab Rs apox $65 Million from internal resources But unfortunately Misused money and still nothing as I have described , if yes in significant!!!!

My call again for the government of Nepal. World bank approved $450 Million Road support in Nepal to spur covid-19 recovery on June 10, 2020, let the government know people of Nepal about it and update the status. Check this out these 6 steps we need right now:

1. Manage $100 million $ immediately ! This time no corruption otherwise it will be disaster.
Equipped with Ventilators, ICU BEDS. PPE, Support plus …

2. Identify hot spots by testing / contact tracing issue certificates or use APPS like in China / South Korea plus with green, yellow and red
Green covid free are free to move
Yellow potential people with symptom isolate quarantine at home or containment zone
Red with covid in Hispital / Facilities

3 Sealed border with India anyone entering Nepal make immediate Id with picture ID with addresses phone numbers create Data base for possible contact tracing

4 Find immediate Strategy to open phase by phase entire country using elite scholars virologists, Infections control experts , Doctors, Generalist Policy makers , Military , police forces and leaders as united command front group .

5. People to strictly comply guidelines maintain physical distances of 6 feet. Use mask avoid crowd if need to less than or equal to 10 present guide lines in Nepal for crowd of 25 people is unacceptable 10 or less to go better &. safer.

6. Interval and external transportations and opening workplaces only by staggering method and partially tele work etc & it shall be only per phase by phase testing each phase checking how safe and can be controlled from corona viruses and adjusting as required ?

If we do above methionined 6 steps still we can prevent from massive disaster from corona viruses in Nepal !

Note: I have contributed one model in USA for forecasting and calculating infection rate of Coronaviruses in local & state level,
precise forecasting can save lives with right strategies .

– Saroj Joshi