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Yadav for change in socio-political system for Dalit liberation

LC (KTM) December 06, 2021 0

Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP) Nepal chair Upendra Yadav ruled out any chances of Dalit community liberation without changes in existing social and political systems. At a workshop ‘Current status of Dalit community: problems and solutions’ at Bardibas of Mahottari on Monday, chairperson Yadav stressed the need to change the social and political system that is constraining the liberation of Dalit community. “The prevailing social and political system is not likely to uplift and develop the Dalit, oppressed and minority community”, he said, adding, “The entire country is in stagnation along with Dalit community because of the current social and political system. Therefore, it needs to be changed”.

Expressing worry over the exorbitant electoral process due to the growing capitalistic system, he claimed the capitalism if continued to this streak would collapse the country’s political system. Noting the need to allocate separate electoral constituencies for the respectful representation of the Dalit and women, he asserted the political participation of these groups would not be robust without mooting changes in the electoral system. The chairperson also argued that the deep-rooted discrimination should be put to an end for the development and prosperity of the country.

The programme was jointly organized by Province 2 Ministry of Social Development, Dalit Development Committee and Innovative Research and Development. Dalit leaders of province 2 attended the two-day workshop, shared Binod Kumar Biswokarma of Innovative Research and Development.

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