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A foreign national cleans up Simkot Bazaar

LC (KTM) March 13, 2022 0

A foreign national has started cleaning various chowks and sewers in Simkot Bazaar area, the district headquarters of Humla. The main square in the market area, Airport Chowk, Tindhara, Kalinchok and Lotantrik Chowk have been cleaned by Spanish citizen Karls Marti Sobira.Sobira said he was sad to the garbage smelling so bad in such a beautiful place. So, he initiated the sanitation work. He even bought and laid stones at Tindhara.

He spent three days cleaning the district headquarters. He also bought cleaning tools himself. In Tindhara, he was assisted by three other locals. Sobira was also assisted by Hark Singh Bhandari and Khem Niraula. It may be noted that the Simkot rural municipality had allocated budget for garbage management and hired staff as well. But the market area always looks dirty. The sewage water flows on the road giving a foul smell.

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