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86 health workers in Chitwan infected with Covid-19

LC (KTM) May 08, 2021 0

Bharatpur- Eighty six doctors, health workers and staffs at various hospitals in the district have been infected with Covid-19, according to the Health Office, Chitwan. Of the infected, 22 belong to Bharatpur Hospital, 22 Chitwan Medical College, 19 Old Medical College and 16 BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital.

Similarly, seven doctors and health workers at Baghauda Hospital, Rapti Hospital, Bakulahar Hospital and Kalika Nagar Hospital have been infected with the virus, said public health officer at the Health Office, Gitanjali Dhakal.
The district has reported the total 2,080 Covid-19 infection cases and17 deaths in the Nepali month of Baisakh alone, according to available data.

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