Dying In Your Sleep: Possible Causes Of Death

OSNepal, Kathmandu, 12th October: Have you ever heard of cases where people go to bed happy and well, only to be found dead the next morning? The possibility of a sudden and unexpected death is terrifying. It makes you feel anxious about the uncontrollable nature of life.It might even lead to thoughts about whether you should bother going to sleep, at all. You go off to close your eyes merely because you want to take a breather – to retire and recharge. But, the breather turns out to be a permanent one.Losing a loved one in this manner can be shocking, especially if the deceased person had no known health issues. One day, this person is so full of zest. The next day? He’s dead, and you could only scratch your head as you wonder about the cause. There are no warning signs. A bereaved family can’t help but accept the situation.
Even if it happens to someone you barely know, the thought of a person dying in his sleep is fearsome. It evokes the emotion that regardless of how much you try to avoid it, death comes – sometimes when you least expect it.If you’re the person who regularly keeps himself conditioned to avoid sickness and eventual death, you may feel cheated. Even though you comply with your end of the bargain to be fit and healthy, you still can’t be the victor in the quest to prevent death. It’s as if all your efforts went down the drain.On the other hand, some view death while sleeping as the most peaceful way to go. Compared to being a victim of a tragic vehicular accident, a crime, or an incurable disease, passing away in your sleep eliminates a great deal of struggle and pain.Come to think of it, dying in your sleep seems to be a peaceful way to go, indeed. Some people think it’s a coward’s choice of dying. Others disagree by insisting that it’s brave. If an elderly person dies in his sleep, the thought is less terrifying – compared to the involvement of a young person who passed away without warning.