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631 new voters for upcoming by-election in Chitwan-2

LC (KTM) March 15, 2023 0

A total of 631 new voters have been added to the voter list who would be casting their ballot in the upcoming by-election in Chitwan electoral constituency no 2. With the new voters, there are 124,646 registered in the constituency-2, said Bhimsen Karki, Chief of the District Election Office, Chitwan.

The by-election is taking place in this constituency on April 23 this year. The by-election is going to be held after the Supreme Court revoked the post of House of Representatives of Rabi Lamichhane, President of the Rastriya Swatantra Party in the dispute relating to his citizenship identity card (nationality).

According to Karki, the programme of registering objections and making counter-claim in the voter list for the by-election is over. “The names of around 200 voters will be removed from the voter list including old voters who died and those have names in double voter lists.”

The Chitwan-2 covers an area of Bharatpur Metropolitan City, Kalika Municipality and Iccha Kamana Rural Municipality.
The final list of the voters for the by-election will be published on March 29, informed Karki. Other electoral process will follow accordingly. The constituency had recorded 67 per cent of voter turnout in the last parliamentary election held on November 20, 2022.

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