From street drama to model, Samir Subedi, who is talented in artistry and direction, has released a new video — OSNepal

From street drama to model, Samir Subedi, who is talented in artistry and direction, has released a new video

LC (KTM) May 09, 2023 0

Bishnu Subedi, known as Samir Subedi in Nepali art, has become a successful actor and director. Samir Subedi’s serial ,”Kanchi Buhari”, who has been enjoying acting in street plays and various serial music videos and films for the past 12 years, has been released.

Subedi, who started acting in theater, has written and directed as well as acted in various teleserials. By acting in dozens of music videos, he has proved that he is not only an artist but also a model.

He also earned a lot of fame in Nepal by playing the character of “Chibe Budho” in Dobate, a comedy teleserial broadcast on national television. Sameer, who also wrote and directed the comedy tele-serial “Haasnu Hunna Hai”, has also successfully shown his work in journalism. He has his own YouTube channel Super Online TV.

Earlier, many viewer liked “Ram Ram Timro Kasam” in Melina Rai’s voice and Deepak Oli’s music. Similarly, he has also acted in some songs of Tank Budhathoki including “Farki Aau Pardeshi Raja” “Yad Nishthuriko” “Oe Katie Oe” “Yo Manle Tyo Manlai”. Besides this, he has acted as well as written and directed in the serial “Na-hasera Bho”. He has also directed many famous actors and made them act. Samir, who has been struggling for a long time, has made himself known to everyone by acting very well.

Now the TV movie made by him “Kanchi Buhari” has been bought by the famous company of Nepal, ‘OSR Digital’. Conceived and directed by Samir Subedi, this serial has won the hearts of millions of viewers in a short time and the video has also become commendable. Samir Subedi himself is a successful director.

Pain can be seen in every video of him. Now he has become very successful, writing stories by suffering himself and concentrating on shooting without saying midnight. His serial Kanchi Buhari has become very popular day by day. The reality of the Nepali society and the public awareness of the society is taught in every program. Watch the video below, you will also like it.

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