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Significant achievements made in every sectors: PM Dahal

LC (KTM) May 20, 2023 0

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said significant achievements have been made in all sectors including education and health following the adaptation of the federal democratic republic. Republic is qualitatively progressive in every aspects than autocracy and monarchy, he said while addressing installation and the swearing in programme to the newly elected executive committee of the All Nepal Federation of Trade Unions here today. Labours and grassroots level have been prioritised in the government’s policies and programmes presented in the parliament on Friday, he said.

“The issues of production and creating employment opportunities have been accorded high priorities. Remaining issues will be further addressed through the budget for the next fiscal year, 2023/24. The incumbent government is committed to increasing production and creating job opportunities.”

The government has taken initiatives on all subjects related to good governance, he said stating that ‘settings’ in stock market were being broken, and there was a commitment to increase revenues. “We have taken ‘serious’ steps to increase remittances. Nepali migrant workers have been covered by the social security fund.” The government has launched a new campaign for good governance, he said. “Do not doubt. The government and party is committed to maintaining good governance. This will be taken to a logical conclusion,” said PM Dahal, also Chairperson of the CPN (Maoist Centre).

According to him, there had taken place continuous talks between top political leaders in view of a possible situation wherein all major political parties who had come together in every political movements ranging from the 12-point agreement to the comprehensive peace agreement, the Constituent Assembly and the announcement of the federal democratic republic have to unite for safeguarding changes made so far in this situation of the country.

“Now, we have come up with a common view on the issue of Bhutanese refugees. Guilty should not escape, and innocent should not be booked. Police investigations should not be influenced under any pressure. We have focused on these things inside or outside a room. Do not doubt,” PM Dahal said referring to frequent meetings between top political leaders recently.

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