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Trailer of Nepali animated movie ‘Salina: Yoddha Rajkumari’ unveiled

LC (KTM) August 03, 2023 0

A trailer of a Nepali animated movie ‘Salina: Yoddha Rajkumari’ has been launched today. It took around six years to make the movie based on a folk story on a fight between a queen and demons, said the movie editor Shiva Puri. “This is a new shot for us. This will determine the future of such movies in the country in the coming days,” he said.

Co-produced by Tejash Raj Joshi and Shruti Shrestha, the movie has been directed by Joshi and co-edited by Puri and Shrestha. The Rainmaker Animation and Visual Effect Academy jointly contributed in the film making.

Graphic artists for the movie are Sagin Maharjan, Abinash Singh Tharu and Shirava Manandhar. Voiceover artists are Krishma Rajkarnikar, Lajina Shrestha, Benisha Khatiwada, Aditi Gyawali, Ajme Kuinkel, Jharana Rai, Joshi, Sushil Nepal, Dev Neupane, Yubin Pujari, Juna Thapa and Kumar Neupane.

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