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RPP seeks applications, offering opportunities for youth leadership

LC (KTM) August 03, 2023 0

The Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) has invited applications from interested individuals across the country for its 20 central member positions. As the party said, the move aims to make its leadership more youth-friendly and inclusive.

Any interested individual below the age of 40 is eligible to apply for these positions. Anyone else interested in becoming the party leader is required to mail personal details along with a future action plan to the party official address by the third week of August.

The nominations will be carried out on the basis of geography, population, areas suggesting potentialities for party influence, and gender. At least 50 percent women will be picked up, according to central member Saraswoti Adhikari. One is mandated to demonstrate commitment to party polices, principles, agenda and goals after being selected as a central member.

Knowledge of information and technology, linguistic competency and potentiality to compete as direct candidate in the election will be also considered while making the nominations. Any Nepali citizen, whether within or outside the party, can apply for these positions.

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