Dying in Sleep: Possible Causes of Death

OSNepal, Kathmandu, 12th January, Have you ever heard of cases where people go to bed happy and well, only to be found dead the next morning? The possibility of a sudden and unexpected death is terrifying. It makes you feel anxious about the uncontrollable nature of life. It might even lead to thoughts about whether you should bother going to sleep, at all. You go off to close your eyes merely because you want to take a breather – to retire and recharge. But, the breather turns out to be a permanent one. Losing a loved one in this manner can be shocking, especially if the deceased person had no known health issues. One day, this person is so full of zest. The next day? He’s dead, and you could only scratch your head as you wonder about the cause. There are no warning signs. A bereaved family can’t help but accept the situation. Watch this video to know details.