Nepal’s Capital 7th Most Polluted City In The World

OSNepal, Kathmandu, 4th Feb: Nepal’s capital Kathmandu has been dubbed as the seventh most polluted city in the world, thanks to rampant air and water pollution. Numbeo recently made public the pollution ranking of 290 cities around the world. With pollution index 97.73, Kathmandu featured in the top ten along with Kabul, Afghanistan (103.92); Accra, Ghana (102.61); Tetovo, Macedonia (98.09); Faridabad, India (96.58); Cairo, Egypt (96.28) and Dhaka, Bangladesh (95.91); Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (95.34); Karachi, Pakistan (95.29) and Ghaziabad, India (95.27). Numbeo said it included relevant data from World Health Organisation and other institutions for the ranking. The cities were listed on the basis of air pollution and then the water pollution/accessibility followed by other pollution types.