Dahal Appeals Baidhya And Chand To Join In Unification Process

OSNepal, Kathmandu, 13th Feb: CPN (Maoist Center) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has urged Mohan Baidhya and Netra Bikram Chand to join in unification process between the communist forces CPN (Maoist Centre) and CPN-UML. Speaking at a programme organised at party headquarters in Kathmandu to mark 23rd People’s War Day on Tuesday, Dahal said Chand won’t be able to bring revolution by simply daydreaming about it. “Revolution should be based on foundation and science. A single man’s dreaming won’t turn into a reality,” said Dahal. Referring to Baidhya, Dahal said, “He is known as my mentor and talks a lot about dialectical materialism. A lot of people have written and read about dialectical materialism but confining oneself inside home and escaping from people won’t bring revolution.”

Dahal said there have a lot of talks about people’s revolution and said a new campaign for socialism would begin soon. “We need more people and more cadres to bring all communist forces to a common place. Or else there is no point in shouting slogans for socialism,” he said. Dahal said he would be happy for those who blame him of betraying them if a decision regarding unification between the communist parties was taken on People’s War Day.