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Karnali reports 82 Covid-19 deaths

LC (KTM) May 09, 2021 0

he death tally from Covid-19 in the Karnali Province has reached 82. The Health Service Directorate has said the deaths rate from the second wave of Covid-19 spreading since the beginning of Nepali New Year is on the rise. The second wave deaths rate is double than in the first wave of pandemic, it is said.

A total of 40 people succumbed to the virus during the first wave and the tally doubled in less than a month. According to the Directorate, so far 102,993 PCR tests have been conducted and 10,633 results are positive. Similarly, 1982 have, out of 10,206, antigen tested positive for the deadly virus. The district has 3,818 active cases.

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